Conquering Fear | My first Blog Post

I’m not sure why we as people make excuses for things we actually want to do. Here I sit, midnight on my computer and I’m just now starting to write this blog. I’ve had the idea written in my mind for months, and I finally wrote it on my calendar this morning to finally write and it’s the last thing I got to today. And it’s not because I’ve been too busy to write it. I can’t pretend like I didn’t just watch an hours worth of Youtube videos (because I did). But I still put this blog, something I want to do, last in my day.  

I think people put aside things they want to do because they allow fear to sweep in and control their life. I’ve hesitated to start a new blog because I don’t want to be “that girl” who blogs because let’s not fool ourselves it’s a common thing now for people to want to share more than just Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat ask of us. I am guilty of updating my friends and followers on many platforms probably more frequently than most. So first my fear is the stigma of being someone who blogs. My second fear is coming off as someone who is unoriginal, because it’s been done before, many many times. And if you know me, “unoriginal” is the most insulting thing you could call me. Which leads me to fear number three: what if I’m not good enough? What if I’m “just another blogger” (ouch) or my writing is horrible because my highest form of education is a high school diploma?

FEAR. That’s all it is. And honestly it is stupid when you look at what the root of what my fear is in this specific situation. All of my fear is rooted in what others think about me. Which is even more idiotic because I really love who I am. So why is fear preventing me? Fear is crippling to who God has called you to be. The devil puts fear in the hearts of people who God wants to be moving and shaking for his kingdom. But when you start to understand how big God is, your fear starts to seem so small. You cannot have faith if you are in fear. So here I am choosing faith over fear as something as small as putting myself out there and learning to be vulnerable to strangers by writing this blog.

I never had the intention of making this first blog to be about fear. I sat down to write this blog as an introduction to who I am, what I like and all the cliches of learning about someone new. But as I’ve learned time and time again, it’s much easier to write what is actually on your heart. Which in this case, is about overcoming fear. And I hope that I continue to write about what is on my heart as I continue through my journey as a blogger.

Thank you for reading my post and allowing me to be vulnerable on the internet. Below are a few things about me in case we’ve never met before.


My name is Nikki Riehle and I’m going to turn 21 at the end of August.


I live in Indiana, a state I’m not very fond of but I’m very fond of the people here.



I love to be creative more than anything else and I don’t like to limit myself to form of creativity, which you will see in later posts on this blog.


Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 12.56.59 PM.jpg

I own my own production company called Real Media & Productions, where I love collaborating with different people by making videos and taking pictures.


A close second to being creative, I love to travel. I like to post about my adventures on my personal Youtube channel (linked below).



My end goal (as of now, since I’m only 20) is to travel the world, with my camera in hand, glorifying God through it all.


Follow My Medias:

Insta: @nikkiriehle

Twitter: @nikkiriehle

Snap: @nikkiriehle





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