Industrial Bathroom Makeover

Like I said in my last blog, I love to be creative in all different mediums and decorating is no different (in fact my mother is an interior decorator). Earlier this summer I redecorated my bathroom. It’s original design was Purdue University themed. And as much as I support Purdue, I wasn’t a fan of the design because it grew dated over time. Not to mention the design almost seemed to mock me because according to my dad, my college options were 1. Purdue 2. Purdue or 3. Purdue and of course, I chose IU. Just kidding! But I didn’t end up going to Purdue.



Along with the wall paper mocking me, I had a few issues with the original design that I wanted to address to improve the overall esthetic of the final design.

These are what NEEDED to change:

  • Clutter/Messy countertop
  • Dark and unflattering paint color
  • Bulky furniture

I had an overall idea of what style I wanted before I went to redecorate. I knew I wanted my design to be very bright, industrial with metals and dark woods with accents of gold and greenery.

I started by making a blank canvas and painting the walls, the trim, and the door white. And man, it made ALL the difference.


Because there isn’t much you can change with a floor plan of a bathroom, I decided I wanted to try a new technique and create a faux exposed brick to add interest without spending a ton of money on tile for a backsplash. The faux brick was inspired by TheSorryGirls Youtube video. I tried to use a similar method but not all the steps worked for me.

Here’s how I made my faux exposed brick wall:

First: I got 1/2 inch instillation foam from the hardware store ($12 per panel) and marked the measurements according to the size of the wall. You’ll have to peel off the foil cover on one side of the foam if it has it.


Second: I used a piece of wood as a guide to draw out the brick pattern.



Third: Using an xacto-knife and a straight edge, I cut the lines I made, making the lines roughly a half inch wide. This step is much more time consuming and messy than you might expect. Be prepared to pick up little foam pieces for the rest of your life.


Next: This is a two-in-one step. You can either paint before you hang the panels or you can paint the panels once they’re hung (I painted last). I hung my panels with nails because I found it much easier to do because I could nail right through the panel but velcro command strips is a great option if you cannot put holes in your wall.

PRO TIP: If the foam board gets flimsy from all the cuts, flip it over and use duct tape to patch any unwanted cuts.

By this point, I could really see my design coming to life and to be honest, I am still obsessed with my brick walls, many weeks later.


Now that my walls were all done, it was officially time to add accessories and all the finishing touches.

I got all these perfect shelves from Gordmans, and I stained the wood part a darker shade to keep the dark wood theme throughout the space.



I wanted to style the shelves with natural colors like white and grays along with pops of gold!


Here’s where all of the accesories are from:

  • Plastic Holders – Walmart
  • Towels – Walmart
  • Succulents – Michaels Craft Store
  • Gold Geometric Paper Weight – Michaels Craft Store
  • Gold Candle Holder – Michaels Craft Store
  • Spiky Ball – Hobby Lobby
  • Gold Feather, Jewelry Holder – Hobby Lobby
  • Stone Candle Holder – Hobby Lobby
  • Gold Elephant – Target

Next, I replaced (more like my dad replaced) the original light fixture. I wanted to go with a vintage/industrial light fixture that will go with the theme of the room. This light is from Menards Hardware Store and it was $75.


As you can tell in the previous picture I added greenery around the mirror. This strand of fake flowers was actually up-cycled from a different room in my house that got redecorated. It would have ended up in the Goodwill pile if I hadn’t used it for my bathroom, but I am so glad I did. It is exactly the look I wanted and I love the way it looks in contrast to the ‘brick’.



When my bathroom was decorated Purdue theme there was a ‘Boilermaker’ sign over the shower. Because I was so used to the sign, the space felt a little naked, (no pun intended) so I decided to make a new sign out of an old shutter we had laying around the house (previously used as a decoration) and I strung gold wire to say ‘relax’ in cursive letters and attached the wire to nails that were hammered into the shutter. It could not have been an easier DIY project!




To match with the dark wood and the style of the new light fixture, I added a towel rod under one of the wire shelves. The towel rod was ordered by my mom so I’m unsure of the price but it is from Amazon.


Lastly I added all the basic little touched to the room.

Such as:

  • Gray Rugs – Walmart
  • Hand Towels – Walmart
  • Soap Dispenser – Walmart
  • White Shower Curtain – Amazon
  • Metal Basket – Hobby Lobby
  • Glass Terrariums – Hobby Lobby
  • ‘Get your praise on’ Wall Art – Hobby Lobby
  • Rocks/Succulents inside Terrariums – Michaels Craft Store


I couldn’t Be happier with the finish product of my bathroom makeover. Here is the finished results!

If you made it all the way through this post, I want to say thank you! I know it was a long one, but this style of blogging is so fun. Thanks, and have a great day!


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