Dressing in Used Clothes


Majority of my work is done at home so on days like today where I have a few errands to run around town I tend to try to get a little more put together by picking out a casual day outfit and actually do my hair and makeup.

This was the outfit I decided on today. And by complete accident every part of this outfit was owned by someone else before I got it, except the shoes (I don’t buy used shoes for obvious reasons). I didn’t intend to make a blog post today, but I thought it would be fun to add fashion based post to my blog and I love that it centered around all used clothing items.



Starting off with my shirt: My mom recently decided to clean out her closet and said anything she didn’t want, were up for grabs for my sisters and me. I went through her clothes half-expecting not to like too much (like HELLO, if my mom didn’t want it, why would I). But I knew that some of the items would be good basics for my closet or I could use to make something else with it. I rummaged through the clothes and found this red stretchy tank top, which really isn’t cute on its own but I knew I could do something with it to make it better. Which after trying it on, I realized all it needed was a knot tied in the front and it took this late 90s-early 2000s tank top and made it work for 2017.


This flannel shirt I actually bought 4 summers ago in Goodwill’s mens section. (That’s my trick; go shopping in the mens section in the summer for great baggy fall and winter clothes). It’s Buckingham brand and from my research, this brand isn’t around anymore and you can only buy Buckingham items used.

I use this flannel all year long because it is perfect to tie around my waist in the summer, but also great to layer under jackets in the fall and winter. I actually had a friend offer to buy this flannel off of me and I wouldn’t do it.

For this look, I styled this flannel to go around my waist to add more color and interest to my outfit.  Plus the colors in this flannel really make my red shirt and blue purse not look so patriotic and it really just pulls everything together.

This purse was another item I pulled from my moms ‘get rid of’ pile. It’s actually from Charming Charlie’s and its the most modern part of my outfit. It’s pretty basic but I thought it went well with the outfit because of the blue in the flannel. This isn’t my everyday purse because it is so small but I paired it with this outfit because I knew I was just doing some errands around town and all I needed was my wallet, keys, and phone. But I love it and I think it really feminizes this outfit.


These high-waisted jeans are probably the coolest part of my outfit in my opinion. I bought these years ago at Goodwill. These are Lee brand jeans and from the way they were made, they have to be from the 90’s. I had the intention to cut them and make them into high-waisted shorts but I couldn’t get myself to commit to cutting them because their fit was so perfect, it even fit the length of my legs when they’re un-cuffed (I’m 5’10” so jeans long-enough are hard to come by). So I decided to not cut them into high-waisted shorts but make them look like boyfriend jeans. I added rips and cuts to them and I typically only ever wear them cuffed. It actually took me years to feel confident enough to wears these out, but once I started, I haven’t stopped.

Lastly, I finished off this look with white low-top Converse which is the only item that I wore that wasn’t used.

To conclude, don’t be afraid to shop or wear used clothes. Like I said before, this outfit was all used clothing by accident. But I’m glad that I have each piece of clothing and that they all worked together so well.

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